Not Your Average Inventory

Hello and welcome to a new segment on my blog!
As the title states, this is not your average inventory. It is, in fact, a list of things I have decided to turn a 'to a hell with' attitude towards. The truth is, there's a LOT of such things and you'd be surprised really what kind of hair-brained schemes I have stored in my cranium. So every time I happen to log onto my blog, (and look at comments by my love-a-lee followers) I will post one thing. Stay tuned and find out what's up, literally! 

To HELL with...

1) You
Yes, you. It's okay if you judge me on this one. I did this 'to hell with' list for me, not you. If you're reading this and feel compelled to comment- do it. I'm open to positive and negative views but it's going in from one ear and out the other. (only for this particular post)
Just saying.

2) Overnight Sports Fans
It's a little crazy that people who generally never bothered with watching football, suddenly become sports aficionados because "Oh! It's FIFA!" Honestly, if you liked football so much, you'd watch it whether or not it was glittery and broadcasted worldwide. It's the same with other things-and I'm not just talking about sports either. Show some consistency, be your own person.

3) Refraining from the consumption of ice tea
So what if I'm a sniffy miffy with a cold, cough and fever? I SHALL drink ice tea.

4) Regrets
No more should've, would've, could've.
Live in the now.

5) Rules
Honestly, it's rules that create 'lawlessness'.
If there were no rules, what would one break? You already get to do everything you want to!
So go ahead, murder somebody. It's the fact that murder will put you behind bars that makes it even more romantic to commit one.
Fine. Call me crazy.

6) Happy Couples
Do they make you want to barf all over?
Join the club!

7) Ulterior Motives
Make what you seek very clear. VERY VERY CLEAR.
Underlying intentions can lead to some badass misunderstandings.

8) Origami
*point gun to head*
"Oh no, wait! Let me fashion you a nice little crane and we can
all go back to being friends!"
That hasn't been known to dissuade psychopaths.
It's frustrating. Period.

9) VEVO on YouTube
VEVO videos take an ETERNITY to load. There's lovely people out there who breach media rights and rip perfectly good audio quality from VEVO videos and post them as regular lyrics ones. VEVO, bite me.