Friday, May 14, 2010


You try.
You try so hard to keep our flame alive.

But we falter.
We falter each time our flame flickers in my frosty whispers.

And you say those blazing words.
Sweltering with passion.

Save it.
For we burnt out the very moment my steely gaze doused your scorching fires.

Yet you persist.
Plummeting deeper into the murky chasm of my heart.

Until you see hope.
Sparks glowing- not within me.
And now it is no less than an inferno.

I'll fondly remember that autumn day.
The copper leaves incandescent.
The pumpkin patch aflame.

Places live.
They breathe memories.

While all I do is survive on the embers you left behind...


  1. Wow. I guess this your first piece of writing I'm reading, and I'm blown away.

    This was awesome.

    "Places live.
    They breathe memories."

  2. :) Thankyou soooo much!
    Huge, coming from an amazing writer like yourself! =)