Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The kind of morning that lasts all afternoon

I've been bitten by the John-Mayer bug.
I don't understand! I remember not liking him because I found him really arrogant for some unfathomable reason. And now, I just can't get enough. :O
I think I may have GROWN UP. :S
When did this happen?

And in other news...

I just wish there was a beach somewhere nearby. :P
I'd even wake up early to go there! And everybody who knows me is aware of how late I wake in the mornings, rather afternoons.
I suppose it's where my hate for breakfast stems from because I can never wake up in time for it! :P
But the mere addition of my favourite geographical feature to the city of New Delhi, could change EVERYTHING. :D

"Oh the summer never felt so sweet
I still feel the sand underneath my feet"
(For Always, Forever by Every Avenue)

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