Monday, May 24, 2010

So on Friday, I had my dance class and I was running late.
And there it comes! That horrible pang of hunger- the aftermath of a whole night working on some insipid little project.
Anyway, I stop at a KFC.
Here I am, standing at the counter, placing my order, stressing very much on the time factor. And the guy taking my order assures me that it'll take no longer than 2 minutes.
I can hear the hands of my father's watch going tick tock so loud and clear. I ask 'em to make it quicker. That employee who'd taken my order now tells me it might take a bit longer and asks me to take a seat.
That cool and distant tone in his voice was so FRUSTRATING!
And at this point I went ballistic.
"Take a SEAT?! I'm running late! Would you get my food already?! I will MOST DEFINITELY not take a seat! LET ME SPEAK TO THE MANAGER."
You know, something of that sort.
And I can tell, this guy's thinking, "Oh my god, whatta high-strung teenager".
After expending, trust me, a LOT of energy in shouting at those people, I got a free drink! :P
Haha! :D
Just gotta love the freebies, eh? :)

Create your own rainbows.

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