Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dream a little dream of me? :s

You know that really frustrating feeling of not being able to remember what dream (or nightmare) you had the night before?
Well, there's something worse than that- remembering the dream but realizing it's not the right dream to have dreamt.
[I know, if you're reading this and have known me for a while, you're expecting this to be about something completely different than it actually is. So don't judge me here, folks. It's NOT that age-old story. I've buried that.]
And yes, it stems from the same place where the worst of complications arise- people.
They're so cumbersome. Inanimate objects are so much easier to deal with.
I say we settle for the in between- AUTOMATONS!
They're like humans without that hindering aspect of emotions and feelings.
Not to mention, no blood! Imagine how much easier that would be on doctors, detectives and crime scene investigators!

But back to the point.
How did I even manage to conjure up such startlingly vivid images, clear sounds and close-to-reality feelings for people and things which I for so long, have not even thought about?
They're a funny thing.

[image from deviantart]

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