Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bali, a notable stop on the 'Banana Pancake Trail'

[image from deviantart]

So it's probable that you love the song 'Banana Pancakes'.
I mean, I do.
It's a great song to make you feel good about wasting time and basically sitting around doing nothing.
Ofcourse, people who haven't heard it remain com-puh-letely unaffected.
Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted, peeps!
That's my new mantra in life. :P
Ah but the point! Gee, I really make an excellent subject-changer, huh?
OH! I did it again. *tut tut tut*

The point:
Who's ever actually eaten banana pancakes?
And I didn't have to "pretend like it's the weekend" because it really was! It REALLY WAS the weekend!
Ecstasy! Banana pancakes over the weekend.
Thanks for the inspiration, Jack Johnson.
[and that's MR. Johnson to you, missie!]


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