Friday, August 6, 2010

An experimental piece.

Lemme know what you think! :)

It was all an emerald blur. She was running so fast that the entire green landscape merged into one seamless stretch. Thorns ripped at her flesh. Rough stones chafed her feet. Her white dress was in tatters. She ran until she was sure she’d lost him somewhere in the dense foliage. She pictured his face twisted in a look of horror, resting in a ravine. Just then, large hands wrapped around her shoulders and yanked her backwards. She fell and hit her head. Her vision was momentarily blotted out with ugly inky spots. But even then, she knew it was him. It was the same pair of hands that had held onto hers when she was learning to ride a bicycle. It was the same face that smiled with pride at her first solo harp performance. But now his hands were rough and his mouth turned into a snarl.

He eyed her white dress. “You’ll look pretty in red, don’t you think?” He grimaced, positioning his gun. Without wasting a second, he pulled the trigger.

Eruve launched out of bed, struggling with the duvet. Her matted hair stuck to her forehead. She looked around her bedroom and everything looked normal.

“Just a nightmare.” She murmured to herself and went back to sleep.

She awoke the next morning, fully recovered from the horrible nightmare. She saw her father reading the newspaper.

“Good morning, dear. I thought I’d let you sleep in on your birthday. But since you’re awake, why don’t you go and try on your special birthday gown!” He smiled.

As Eruve excitedly walked into her parents’ room, she saw it lying on the dresser.

Her father called out from the next room, “You’ll look pretty in red, don’t you think?”


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