Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Delhi, O Delhi

English assignment. 'Nuff said.

Delhi. It is a riveting amalgam of the old and new, the borrowed and the original, the traditional and the offbeat. But what is Delhi beyond crumbling bureaucratic edifices, infamous traffic jams and the occasional whiff of roadside ‘dhaba’ fare? It is continually surging, growing and morphing into a city of tomorrow. With a burgeoning populace pouring in from nearly every corner of our nation, calling Delhi an urban settlement is an underestimation of its true magnitude and potential. It is the iconic post-colonial city of India, preserving our national heritage. While at the same time, Delhi serves as a home for outward-looking people and acts as a platform for the blossoming of ‘Youngistaan’- the so-called new generation. Today’s Delhi reflects an ethos of dynamism and exuberance, constantly embracing new ideas with verve and vitality. This cosmopolitan prowess comes from its inhabitants. From the opulence of prosperous businessmen, diplomats and expatriates to humble refugees and the quintessential middle-class masses- a varied mix of people all thrown into an area of 1483 square miles. But ofcourse, every metropolis comes with its fair share of the good, the bad and the downright ugly. In the convoluted, inextricable labyrinth that is the conurbation of Delhi, they may be the very same thing. For example, the introduction of the Delhi Metro at long last, greatly simplifies commuting. On the other hand, it eats into the open space, or lack thereof, and is a blatant eyesore as the ‘Under Construction’ fences gradually adhere to the existing milieu of skyscrapers alongside slums.

A megalopolis of contrasts, to live in the city of Delhi is to make a tryst with a perplexing patchwork of cultures and ethnicities and firm convention co-existing with unremitting innovation. It always presents a cornucopia of experiences to delve into and challenges to face. Despite shortcomings on a number of fronts, it epitomizes the undying Indian spirit. Lastly, to sum up the city of Delhi in a handful of words- a work in progress- much like every living organism, constantly developing and evolving.


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-Aarohi Narain

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