Friday, April 1, 2011

Okeh then

Favourite genre of music?
Alternative rock and indie.

Favourite John Mayer song(s)?
This is going to be slightly déjà vu-
Your Body Is A Wonderland. Also- Wheel.
There isn't really a song I haven't liked by him.

Favourite Coldplay song(s)?
Warning Sign, Shiver, Fix You, Clocks, Yellow, Sparks, Talk.

Favourite Snow Patrol song(s)?
Chasing Cars, You Could Be Happy, Just Say Yes, Open Your Eyes, Run, Chocolate.

Favourite Switchfoot song(s)?
Spirit, 24, Stars, Dare You To Move, The Setting Sun, Circles, Learning To Breathe, Gone.

Favourite Green Day song(s)?
She's A Rebel, Dearly Beloved, Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Favourite Linkin Park song(s)?
Valentine's Day, Little Things Give You Away, Numb, Faint, Hands Held High, Easier To Run.

Favourite 30 Secs To Mars song(s)?
Kings and Queens, Closer To The Edge, From Yesterday, Re-evolve.

Favourite Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20 song(s)?
Mockingbird, Her Diamonds.

Whackiest band name in your library?
The Moldy Peaches. Next there'll be The Fungoid Bananas. -.-"

Longest band name in your library?
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Longest song name?
If You Wanted A Song Written About You All You Had To Do Was Ask by
Mayday Parade. *flexes fingers*

Most unexpected album in your library?
Probably Memoirs Of A Geisha soundtrack. Got it for my mom's birfday. :)

Odd-one-out song?
Young Forever by Jay-Z featuring Mr. Hudson. I think it's the only
truly rap/hip-hop song I have.

Favourite acoustic version of a song?
Fell In Love Without You by Motion City Soundtrack.

Favourite instrumental version of a song?
Dare You To Move covered by Vitamin String Quartet and How To Save A Life covered by Piano Tribute Players.

Favourite song that's not in your native language?
Arigatou by Bon'z, hands down. It's in Japanese.

Favourite song you found from a TV show?
Bloodstream by Stateless from The Vampire Diaries, My Ghost by Glass Pear from Bones, Nice Dream by Radiohead from How I Met Your Mother and a bazillion others.

Favourite song you found from a movie?
I'm Not Over by Carolina Liar from What Happens In Vegas, Brighter
Than Sunshine by Aqualung from A Lot Like Love, She's Got You High by
Mumm-ra and There Goes The Fear by Doves from 500 Days Of Summer,
Little Motel by Modest Mouse and After Hours by We Are Scientists from
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist et cetera.

Favourite song you found from someone's status?
Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. Can't seem to recall whose status
it was though...

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